Plenary speakers

  1. Managing Director

Advanced Energy Storage systems for enabling electrification of vehicles

Dr. K. Amine
Argonne Distinguished Fellow and Manager
Advanced battery technology team
D. Director, US/China Clean energy research center
Argonne National Laboratory
Abstract : 
To meet the high-energy requirement that can enable the 40-miles electric drive Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (P-HEVs), long range electric vehicle (EV) and smart grid, it is necessary to develop very high energy and high power cathodes and anodes that when combined in a battery system must offer 5,000 charge-depleting cycles, 15years calendar life as well as excellent abuse tolerance. These challenging requirements make it difficult for conventional battery systems to be adopted in P-HEVs and EVs. In this talk, we will address why electrification is a must going forward, describe the market and business opportunity for electric vehicles, and the role of government in helping with expending electrification. We will also describe key technologies within the lithium ion battery that have the potential of enabling both PHEV and EV’s. After a brief description of lithium ion battery concept, we will disclose several strategies to increase significantly the energy density of lithium battery trough the development of novel functional materials and high voltage electrolytes as well as  some new approaches to improve the cycle life and safety of lithium batteries by significantly stabilizing the interfaces between electrodes and electrolyte during battery operation and abuse.  We also describe a novel lithium superoxide battery  and Selenium sulfur battery that offers at least three  time the energy density of the state of the Art lithium ion battery.