Plenary speakers

  1. Managing Director

Role of Hydrogen in the Energy Transition

Philippe A. Tanguy, P.Eng.
Vice President R&D Partnerships
Secretary of the Science Council, Strategy-Innovation/R&D, Total SA
24 Cours Michelet, F-928000 Puteaux, France
Abstract : 
The decarbonisation of the energy mix based on a large share of renewable energies will have deep consequences on energy storage, transportation and trading. At present, close to 20% of the fossil energy is stored for further use to ensure inter alia security of supply of countries. It is hard to imagine the future without a similar bridge molecule and this is where hydrogen may play a significant role. In the presentation, we will analyze the main scientific challenges of a hydrogen economy and explore the various options that have to be considered to obtain a workable solution both economically and technically attractive.