Plenary speakers

Plenary, Speakers

  1. Prof. Tadafumi Adschiri
    Prof. Tadafumi Adschiri
    Tohoku University
  2. Prof. A. Mujumdar
    Prof. A. Mujumdar
    McGill University Fellow, ASME
  3. Prof. Gerry Fuller
    Prof. Gerry Fuller
    Stanford Member, NAE
  1. Prof. Jianfeng Chen
    Prof. Jianfeng Chen
    Beijing U of Chem Tech Member, CAE
  2. Prof. Furong Gao
    Prof. Furong Gao
    HKUST Fellow, PSE
  3. Prof. P. Tanguy
    Prof. P. Tanguy
    TOTAL Professor President, WCEC
  1. Prof. Xiaodong Chen
    Prof. Xiaodong Chen
    Suzhou University Fellow, AATSE, Australia
  2. Prof. Karen Gleason
    Prof. Karen Gleason
    MIT Member, NAE
  3. Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon
    Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon
    College of France Fellow, Royal Society
  1. Prof. Neal Chung
    Prof. Neal Chung
    Provost’ Chair, NUS Fellow, AIChE
  2. Prof. Duu-Jong Lee
    Prof. Duu-Jong Lee
    Taiwan University
  3. Prof. Jackie Ying
    Prof. Jackie Ying
    Institute of Bioeng and Nanotechnology Executive Director
  1. Marc-Olivier Coppens
    Marc-Olivier Coppens
    UCL Fellow, IChemE, ACS
  2. Prof. Jinghai Li
    Prof. Jinghai Li
    Vice President Member, CAS
  3. Prof. Dongyuan Zhao
    Prof. Dongyuan Zhao
    Fudan University Member, CAS
  1. Prof. Zhanfeng Cui
    Prof. Zhanfeng Cui
    Oxford Fellow, RAE, IChemE
  2. Dr. Lin Li
    Dr. Lin Li
    Chevron Energy Technology
  3. Prof. Shiping Zhu
    Prof. Shiping Zhu
    McMaster University Fellow, CAE, RSCan